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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earth Moved under my Feet

Ok so it's been a little while since I posted, I'm working on so many projects and haven't finished any yet to blog about :) Other than my crafting nothing much exciting or unusual happens around here Until Today. Just before 2 pm I was sitting on a chair on my front porch talking on the phone when my porch shifted side to side almost knocking me off my chair. I was like WTF and started looking for my husband who I had assumed had come home early from work and was shaking the porch to get my attention or scare me (he does stuff like that often lol.) My girlfriend on the phone asked what had happened and I told her it felt like someone shook the porch and tried to knock me off my chair and she told me I was a Crazy person. Then the other line beeped through. It was a friends daughter asking if my house was shaking, then my Mom called, then my Husband( who was about an hour away). Turns out the Ottawa area had a confirmed 5.5 Earthquake and tremors were felt all over Ontario, New York and Michigan. It looks like there was no severe damage done. I'm not even sure I would have felt it much if I had been up doing something instead of sitting on my ass chatting on the so to my pal Tammy I say HAH! I'm not Crazy!! I'm just Lazy :)

Have any of you felt an Earthquake before ?


Moe said...

I have not felt an earthquake before and I didn't even get to feel this one. A few people here felt it but I was in deadlock traffic with in a construction zone. I'm assuming that's why I didn't feel it. I had no idea our area even had them. Kind of freaky.

The Scrapoholic said...

Found you thru The Mama zone blog hop!
Earthquakes are no fun! i've not been in the epi-center of one and don't plan too!

TheCraftBarn said...

I'm your newest follower from Fun Follow Friday (a day late). I'm commenting on this post because I felt the earthquake too! I live just outside of Bath, NY (near Corning) and thought I was going crazy...then a few hours later I saw the local news headline on my computer. :-)

Please visit my blog if you get a chance!
Jennifer @ The Craft Barn

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