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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Beautiful Memorial

After the death of my daughter Cooper I was broken, lost and forever changed. I felt like someone had put their fist through my chest and tore my heart out. Parents are just NOT SUPPOSE to outlive their children. An unknown author once wrote: "When you lose your parent, you lose your past. When you lose your child, you lose your future." I felt I had no future without her and my dreams shattered. I found comfort from other Mommies of Angels. These women are truly amazing and although every person grieves differently each one of these women had a part to play in my return to sanity.In fear that Cooper could possibly be forgotten by others or in fact never known by others I found different ways to Honour her(My Badoo), Music, memorial video on you tube here ,pictures. The world had to know about this perfect lil girl who was here for only a short time but had touched so many. One day I recieved a message from another Bereaved Mother who had seen Cooper's video on Youtube and who had recently lost her son Christian. She asked if she could write Cooper's name in the sand for me. She wrote Cooper's name in the sand at sunset at Burns Beach off the coast of Western Australia. A Beautiful place for a Beautiful spirit.

This small gesture meant the world to me. Carly's selflessness and thoughtfulness truly touched my heart and the photograph is stunning. Although the pain of not having Cooper here to hold will always be there, this photo will always make me smile. Carly Dudley is truly an amazing soul. Cooper's name was one of the first names she wrote in the sand and since then Carly has written over 7000 names and although it's heartbreaking to know that this number will forever grow it's comforting to know that these pictures may bring a smile to the face of a bereaved parent who possibly never thought they could ever smile again.

To read about Carly's story or to make a name request please visit namesinthesand
Carly also draws love hearts in the sand for miscarried or terminated pregnancies.

Carly's personal blog can be found here

I want to thank you Carly for making me smile you are a remarkable woman :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a Slacker

I know I've been slacking on the posting and I apologize. I did go away for the holiday long weekend and thought it best not to post that( I don't want to be one of those people who come home to a house minus all their valuables).I have a few projects underway( a couple of redos) that I'm very excited about and I am still working on putting together the tutorial for the hanging letters. Due to technical difficulties (or the fact that my husband's camera is possessed)I've had a hard time getting all the pictures together.I'm hoping to have atleast one project and the tutorial done this week..:)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We're Obsessed !! Hanging Letter Art

I received a phone call from my gf Kara that she was godmother at a christening on Sunday and that we had to get together and brain storm something crafty to gift. Which means Saturday afternoon we were scrambling (which is what we do best) to put something together for little Emily:) We decided on a sterling silver bracelet so we definately needed to craft some sort of jewelry that wasn't enough so we decided on making Hanging Baby Name Art.( Which for our first time turned out pretty awesome) I love love love them and Both Kara and I are quite proud of ourselves. I know there are a huge amount of tutorials on making these letters but I've never written one before so I think I will post a tutorial tomorrow once I go through all of the pictures :)

Here's how Kara's cute little Jewelry box turned out

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My new Toy :)

For Mothers Day I got a Pink Journey Cricut Expression Machine!! (Woohoo)

Although I had never used one before I wanted one so badly and couldn't wait to try it out. My husband and Boo were both just as excited for me to open it (although my husband will never admit it). They had both had several turns on it before I even got close to being able to touch it. I haven't done alot of paper crafting but with my new cricut the possibilities are endless.

My Lil Peach enjoys the box more than anything else, Hopefully she'll hang out in there for a bit so I can play with my new toy :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Willow Handmade

Willow Handmade is a new home business specializing in handmade creations for your everyday needs.Stephanie makes the cutest enviromentally friendly snack packs and totes.

Not to mention these Adorable Baby Booties :)

You can check out Stephanie's blog here at Diary of a Sewaholic or her new Etsy store here.
She is also offering her Facebook Fans a Giveaway with an additional embroidered surprise if they reach 100 fans.
Check out Willow Handmade's Facebook Page here