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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I heart food on a stick !!!

These are so cute!! Going to try these for B's next bake sale.
And the mug? I've got to get out this week and get me some chalkboard
endless possibilities is all I have to say.

Head over to From Glitter to Gumdrops for a great step by step and whip up a bunch of these for someone special :)


Traci66 said...

Hello. I'm here from Monday Madness and decided to become a follower. I hope you will come check me out. I am #4 Traci66 on Mr. Linky or http://traci66.blogspot I have been lining up some reviews and giveaways I hope you will join me.

kara w said...

Hey Shan,
So I'm in charge of the prizes/treats for the kids at my family reunion. Any ideas??

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